We take care of company
WordPress websites

We optimize, fix and improve WordPress websites.

We will also improve your WordPress.


WordPress services

Need help fixing a bug or improving something on your website? You are right here, this is exactly what we do. We will solve your WordPress problem and improve your website.

WordPress security

We will conduct a security audit and, based on its results, set up the necessary website protection against various types of attacks, including protection against comment and registration spam. Security is not an option, it is a necessity. We do not underestimate it.

WordPress sites management

We regularly update your website and eliminate operational problems. We set up monitoring tools and backups, create a working copy of the site, and regularly suggest improvements to you. In addition, you can order any other tasks..

Speeding up WordPress

A slow website does not perform its function. Visitors will not wait, they will go to the competition. We measure loading speed using professional tools, identify weaknesses and eliminate them. This will speed up the website, even on mobile devices.

WooCommerce and online sales

We have a lot of experience in running and improving WooCommerce e-shops. We will improve the purchase process, add a payment gateway, solve invoicing errors, program new functions.

How does the collaboration work?

We will analyze the current situation

We will go through the administration of WordPress, check the settings and the status of the entire system. We will measure the speed, try the purchase process, fill out the form.

We plan the procedure, then we work

We determine the progress of work and the budget. We carry out the steps gradually, often first on a working copy of the website. We deal with situations that arise, we document everything. We need your cooperation.

We put the modifications into operation and test them

After testing, we deploy everything to the operational website, test everything and fix any errors that have appeared. We will then forward the result to you for review.

WordPress maintenance: What you get

  • Working copy of your website: we create a working copy of the website, where we thoroughly test all changes and modifications. The website will be inaccessible to the public and only serves as a sandbox for us and you
  • Guaranteed updates: We first test updates on a working copy. If we find an error, we will fix it. We test forms, various processes, responsiveness. We take care of the production website.
  • Permanent supervision and administration: We update WordPress and supervise its operation. When something happens, we know about it and we actively deal with the situation.
  • Optimization and ideas: We have a certain time reserved for you every month as part of your flat rate. In addition, we have ideas and recommendations on how to improve the site, not only technically.
  • Automatization: We will set up automatic activities: regular backups, optimization of all uploaded images, monitoring of availability and outages, speed measurement.
  • Measure & monitoring: We check the functionality of Google Analytics, Tag Manager and other tracking codes and fix their errors. We monitor the setting of technical metrics for SEO strategies and improve structured data.
  • Custom programming and other expertise

We work with

WooCommerce, SEO plugins, ACF, various forms, multisite, multilanguage plugins (Polylang, WPML) and many others.


When we take over a site, we create a working copy as needed, a backup, connect it to monitoring tools, analyze its health, and test it to make sure it’s not hacked. We charge a one-time fee for these activities. Then pay the monthly fee for the following month.


Simple presentation websites

200 €

0 prepaid

  • Website functionality guarantee
  • Regular WordPress updates
  • Regular updates of plugins and templates
  • Solving problems caused by updates
  • Website availability monitoring
  • Proactive response to incidents
  • Regular customised backups
  • Customer application for request management
  • A working copy of the entire site
  • Active fight against spam
  • Email support during business hours


E-commerce and complex sites

300 €

2 hrs prepaid

month excl. VAT

All from Basic plan

  • Developer capacity
  • Original tips to improve website performance
  • Processing multiple requests simultaneously


Multisites, multilanguage and other advanced sites

600 €

4 hrs prepaid

month excl. VAT

All from Complex plan

  • Phone support
  • Video calls communication
  • Planning and processing of complex tasks
  • Google Search Console bug fixes